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Gentle Parenting Code and Standard

Our prosperous and harmonious global Gentle-Parenting community is built on ethical foundations. These codes and standards of Gentle Parenting ethics are designed to provide a frame of reference for qualities that help make us be a harmonious and successful global family and community.


We only welcome and accept content and discussions that respect everyone's and especially our children's dignity and are based on Empathy, Integrity, and Respect toward each other, our families, and our children. 


We promote a safe and peaceful atmosphere based on love, acceptance, and compassion, which is essential for the healthy development of our community, our families, our parents, and our children. Within all our (sub-)forums and sites, we enjoy content and discussions which also promote a loving, safe, and nurturing environment for our children to experience love, which is necessary for their proper growth and so that our children can learn to love themselves and others.

Good Intentions

We expect our members to have and only act upon good intentions toward each other, our families, and our children. Our thoughts, words, and deeds have consequences for the doer and the receiver. As members, we are aware of our impact on other community members, parents, and family relations, and thus we consider our actions carefully before carrying them out. Hence, actions should be ethical, considering the consequences for our community, families, and children. 


As parents, we provide for our children's well-being, including material well-being, proper nutrition, shelter, and emotional well-being. Moreover, we are responsible for protecting children from physical and psychological harm and abuse. This protection is what we want to promote within our community for our families at home and also for our global Gentle Parenting Family online. 


We understand our families as complex, interactive systems where parents are primarily responsible as educators, nurturers, and limit-setters for our children. We encourage each other to explore healthy interpersonal relationships and non-violent child-rearing as this is the only way to ensure a high chance for healthy long-term development. 


As members of our community, we all need to remember that every person is a work in progress. Being compassionate and seeing oneself and other members in this very moment and in terms of our potential can help our community be a safe and supportive place for every person to grow into a Gentle Parent.

Belonging and Togetherness

We treat and see each other as members of a global family where we care for each other by providing a more significant value through our help and support. Together, we want create a warm community culture of belonging and togetherness.

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