By Simone Navarat Kager

Every Parent Can Be a Gentle Parent.

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Be Strong Enough to Be Gentle

“Too many parents equate being gentle with being weak

or passive when nothing could be further from the truth. Gentleness requires great control, active connection, and intense calm. So, when your child needs discipline, remember that an iron grip isn’t the only way to go.

You can accomplish great things by being the calm voice

of authority and reason in your home."

– Hal Runkel


Become a Gentle Parent.

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Do you feel overwhelmed at times and use parenting practices that might burden the relationship between you and your child? Would you like to become a more sensitive and gentle parent, but you don't know how? ​

Be a Gentle Parent.

“I have yet to meet a parent who hasn’t failed yet, but the great parents are the ones who learned from their mistakes.”

— Kara Carrero