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Children's Room

A child's bedroom serves various purposes - nursery, playroom, study - but most significantly, a space where they find most comfort at the end of a long day. As our kids grow older, their room must transform and grow with them. No matter their age, our children's bedroom plays a significant role in housing their imagination, independence, creativity, whims, and fancies.

Our children's bedrooms tell a lot about their likes, dislikes, and personality. Depending on different stages in a child's life, our kid's room suggests a constant change in the room's decor and appearance. A 3-year-old's room would not appear the same as a teenager's, yet it is equally important to decorate and furnish both appropriately.


As parents, we love to surround ourselves with things we enjoy and that we like. Likewise, the interior and decor of your child's room should give them the space and freedom to choose how their room should look. 

If you're warming up to furnishing, decorating, or re-decorating your child's room, here are some gorgeous items and ideas you and your child will love to have in their room.

All prices are in Swiss Francs. 
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